Smiles are a universal symbol of love and happiness, but unfortunately, cleft lips and palates can prevent children from showing off their beautiful smiles. However, a $250 and 45 minute surgery can change all of this, and your donation will literally save a child's life! Feel free to explore our website to learn more.
All of our proceeds are donated to Smile Train, an amazing organization that sponsors these surgeries. Help make a difference by buying a $5 charm bracelet or by donating to our fundraiser. Become a smile savior and join us in our mission to make the world a better place, one smile at a time!




Help Us Sell More Bracelets

Spreading the word about our cause is vital to raising funds, so please invite us to sell bracelets or give a speech! Local churches and businesses can get involved by helping us collect spare change. Contact us for more information.

Lifelong Friends

Currently both 16 years old, we have been best friends our entire lives, and Side By Side Smiles is our passion project. We hope to spread as much positivity as possible because everyone deserves to smile!

$24,000 So Far

Thank you all so much for helping us raise more than $24,000 ! We could not be more thankful for all the support we have received in the last year and a half. Every smile savior has truly helped us make a difference, and none of this would be possible without all of you.