All proceeds from our $5 handmade charm bracelets go towards benefiting children who cannot afford cleft surgeries. Each bracelet is adjustable and will fit almost any wrist, so they can also make great gifts! Every bracelet features a heart, key, arrow, and 3 other charms that vary based on the bracelet. A heart shows the love that goes into each piece of jewelry and a miniature key symbolizes how everyone holds the “key” to someone’s happiness. We chose arrows to represent how easy it is to make a difference since arrows are so light and graceful. Furthermore, the links that make up the chain show how together, as a combined force, we can make a positive impact. All bracelets are individually packaged in black organza bags. Attached to the bag is a small note of gratitude and basic information on our cause. When you buy a bracelet, you are not simply buying another piece of jewelry. Instead, you are joining a movement, and offering a child a chance at a better life. Click the “Order Now” button to view more pictures of our bracelets and become a smile savior!